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Category Musical Goods
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Created 2011-06-04
Owner Jane Hotchkiss
Price $600.00
Title 1927 Vintage Conn Trumpet
Description For Sale: 1927 Vintage CG Conn Ltd. silver 2-B artist level trumpet,serial # 248132. This instrument is in excellent condition with no dents ot scratches. It has been professionally cleaned and reconditioned with new leathers on all water keys. The valves and slides work freely with excellent compression. The instrument has a first slide saddle and a pinky hook for the right hand. The letter A is stamped on the center valve. The valves are inlaid with pearl on both the valve buttons and the valve caps. The inside of the bell has a gold wash. There is engraving on the bell which goes part way up the horn. Incorporated into this engraving are the words:
CG Conn Ltd.
The body of the trumpet has a satin silver finish while the engraved portion has a polished bright finish. This horn is in excellent condition and is really beautiful. Contact me by email or phone